We have succeeded in a hotel injury claim, winning compensation for a Swansea man who sued a local hotel after falling from his wheelchair.

Our client had booked a room at the hotel that had been specially designated for disabled customers. However, as he was attempting to manoeuvre himself from his wheelchair onto the hotel bed, the bed suddenly moved. As a result the claimant fell onto the floor suffering injury in the process.

We agreed to bring a compensation claim against the hotel, operating under a no win-no fee basis. The hotel’s insurers at first refused to admit they had been at fault for the accident. They said that all beds in the disabled designated rooms were on castors for ease of cleaning. However, we successfully argued that there should have been a locking mechanism in place to prevent the castors from moving.

The insurers accepted the point and we were able to go on and negotiate a suitable level of compensation for our client. And because of our 100% compensation guarantee, he received every penny of the award.

The case illustrates how the needs and, above all, the safety of disabled people is often overlooked. It also demonstrates how important it is to have an experienced, specialist solicitor (not a paralegal) representing a claimant where liability for the accident is not straightforward and is contested by the insurers.

We are frequently asked to take over accident claims from other firms, where the client’s case has been allocated to an inexperienced or unqualified “case handler”. Under our “Partners Pledge” we will appoint an experienced PI solicitor who is one of the partners in the firm to run your claim. In this particular instance the settlement was negotiated by one of our partners who represented the client throughout, from start to finish of his claim.

For further information about making a hotel injury claim on a no win, no fee basis contact us today.

Hotel Injury Claim