Accidents in bars in and around Swansea are common. Sometimes no-one is at fault, but in a significant number, liability for the accident rests with the bar owner.

In this case we represented a Swansea woman who was enjoying a night out at a local venue when she slipped on a spillage as she was making her way to the seating area of the bar.

After ascertaining the facts of the accident we agreed to take the slipping accident case on and offered to deal with it under a no win, no fee agreement.

We submitted a Letter of Claim setting out the legal basis for the claim, but the insurers of the bar denied liability. As is commonly argued in slipping cases, the insurance company said the bar had a satisfactory system of inspection and cleaning in place.

We arranged for our client to be examined by a local Swansea based medical practitioner who confirmed that she had suffered a fracture.

All attempts to negotiate a settlement were refused. This is the point where some companies may have given up; but not us.

We issued court proceedings against the defendants and this immediately resulted in them backing down. It is often surprising just how quickly some defendants alter their stance when court action is commenced and in this particular case agreement was quickly reached on a suitable compensation package.

If you would like to claim compensation for a slipping accident on a no win, no fee basis then contact us for a free case assessment.

Slipping Accident in a Swansea Bar