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Making an Injury Claim

The law is quite simple. If someone does something (like drive into the back of your car) or if they fail to do something (like check the scaffold is safe for you to work on) and you suffer an injury as a result then you can bring a compensation claim against them. The purpose of that claim would be for you to recover compensation for your injuries as well as recovery of any money you lose or spend because of the accident.
The first step is to prove that someone is responsible for the accident. Swansea Injury Lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with all types of accident claim, from injuries at work to accidents on the road, we will have the right lawyer for your claim. We even offer our clients the option of having their claim dealt with by a partner. We call it our ‘partner pledge’
After establishing whose fault the accident was, we can look at how much the injury claim is worth in terms of compensation.
How much compensation you get depends upon the type of injury you suffer and how well you recover. Swansea Injury Lawyers will arrange for you to be examined by an medical expert who’ll tell us exactly what’s wrong, how well you’re doing and importantly how well you’re going to be in the future. We have access to some of the UK’s top medical experts and can arrange for you to be seen locally in the Swansea area. From the medical report we can assess your compensation for the "pain and suffering" of the injury itself.
We’ll also look at out of pocket and financial expenses that have arisen as a result of the accident. Things like loss of earnings, travelling expenses or treatment costs. We’ll work closely with you to tailor your claim specifically for you, making sure you get every penny that’s due to you.
And because we offer a 100% compensation guarantee you know that you’ll receive everything you are awarded without any deductions.
We are 100% confident that you’ll be 100% happy with the service we provide, so give Swansea Injury Lawyers a call today.

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We have strong connections with the Swansea, South Wales area, having represented numerous Swansea accident victims over the years.

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