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Swansea Injury Claims

Swanseainjurylawyers.co.uk is a dedicated resource for accident victims in Swansea, the surrounding area and South Wales. It is operated by Slee Blackwell Solicitors – one of the country’s leading personal injury firms and recommended by the influential industry guide The Legal 500. Call the Swansea Injury Lawyers FREE ACCIDENT HELPLINE now: 0800 8 20 20 20

Case Studies 

Darren and Bernard, who are both from Swansea, are just two of the hundreds of clients we have successfully obtained compensation for over the years. Click here to read what happened and how we helped them following their accidents.

Why Use Us 

We are not one of those companies who process injury claims on a mass volume scale. Our clients are people, not numbers. We like to build up a relationship and we strive to ensure that your lawyer will see your claim through from start to finish.

Genuine No Win No Fee

No win, no fee is a very popular method of funding personal injury compensation claims. We have been offering this service ever since no win, no fee regulations were first introduced and we have helped thousands of people recover compensation in this way.

What Will It Cost Me

The papers are full of horror stories of people who’ve suffered terrible accidents and then end up having to pay out the majority of their compensation to middle men and claims management companies.

Making A Claim

If someone does something (like drive into the back of your car) or if they fail to do something (like check the scaffold is safe for you to work on) and you suffer an injury as a result then you can bring a compensation claim against them.

Local Experts

It’s bad enough that you’ve been involved in an accident but it’s even worse if when you come to make a claim your solicitor sends you half way across the country to see a doctor or meet with a barrister.

About Us

Legal 500Swansea Injury Lawyers is a specialist personal injury claims service brought to you by Slee Blackwell Solicitors.

We have strong connections with the Swansea, South Wales area, having represented numerous Swansea accident victims over the years.

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