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Swansea Injury Lawyers offer an individually tailored service to accident victims in Swansea and the surrounding area.

We pride ourselves on the quality of legal service we provide, which is quite different from the large scale, factory style claims companies you see advertised on TV.

We like to establish an understanding with our clients. This allows us to fully appreciate the consequences of the injury you have suffered and enables us to ensure that the claim is fully maximised so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Because we do not process accident claims on a mass volume basis we have a small and experienced group of specialist accident lawyers available to deal with your claim. We do not have a high turnover of staff, so the chances are that the lawyer who takes on your case will see it through to the end.

We are often asked by accident victims to take over cases from other firms of solicitors when they are dissatisfied with the lawyer who has been dealing with their claim. One of the most common complaints we hear about is from people whose case has been allocated to a succession of lawyers, one after another - with no continuity. We therefore recognise the importance of establishing a relationship of mutual understanding and trust between the lawyer and the client; a relationship that can grow from strength to strength throughout the duration of the claim.

If you are looking for an injury lawyer who combines a proven track record with first rate client service then call Swansea Injury Lawyers now on 0800 8 20 20 20.

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Legal 500Swansea Injury Lawyers is a specialist personal injury claims service brought to you by Slee Blackwell Solicitors.

We have strong connections with the Swansea, South Wales area, having represented numerous Swansea accident victims over the years.

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