Solicitor’s Slee Blackwell are appealing for information about a road which they have dubbed the worst kept in South Wales.
James McNally a partner in the Slee Blackwell Personal Injury department says:
"We have had more enquiries about Walter Road, Swansea then any other road in South Wales. The pavement there really is in an appalling state and has been responsible for numerous broken ankles and other injuries. One of our client’s is a pensioner who fell with such force that his false teeth came out and broke on the ground."
The problem is an unusual one as the pavement along Walter Road is split down the middle and is half tarmac and half paving stones. The council say that they are responsible for the tarmaced half but not the paved area. The paved area doesn’t belong to any of the properties along Walter Road and so it has just been left to fall into complete disrepair.
"Historically we understand there used to be gardens in front of the houses along Walter Road. These were removed some time ago and replaced with the paving slabs, so as to widen the pavement. Unfortunately no one seems to be willing to take responsibility for this. What we are looking for are some local historians who could give us more information about this. When were the gardens removed and who took the decision to do it?
"We have spoken to the shop owners who are genuinely concerned about the state of the road. We have even spoken to one employer who told us that she was so disgusted with the state of the pavement that she got all her staff together to phone and complain to the council but unfortunately not one of their phone calls was answered. We’ve been told that the council come out and regularly clean the whole of the pavement including the paved area which would seem to indicate they take responsibility for it but the council have denied this. The council’s view is very much that this isn’t their problem and they aren’t willing to cooperate at all. It is for this reason we are having to make this public appeal."
Those with information which may help and others who have suffered similar accidents are asked to email [email protected] or phone James on 01392 423000.
Swansea Road Named ‘Worst in Wales’