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The papers are full of horror stories of people who’ve suffered terrible accidents and then end up having to pay out the majority of their compensation to middle men and claims management companies. Our view is that if you’ve been involved in an accident you’ve got enough to worry about without the concern of being left with a massive legal bill at the end of it all.
Swansea Injury Lawyers offer the very best deal: Genuine No Win, No Fee - with no hidden charges waiting in store at the end of the claim.
If you win your accident claim, we send our bill to the person responsible for your accident and you’ll receive your compensation. The Defendant pays our basic charges and expenses and a success fee to reflect the risk we take is paid out of your compensation. This is calculated on a case by case basis but will never be more than 25% of the damages you receive.
We don’t lose many claims, but if we do then you pay us nothing.
Win or lose, you won’t be sent a bill.
In addition while some firms may offer you a No Win, No Fee scheme they will still bill you for expenses (or ask you to take out a loan to cover these). Swansea Injury Lawyers will fund your claim from beginning to end at no cost to you. Again, it’s quite simple, if we win then we recover those expenses from the other side and if you lose, then we write those expenses off. Either way you pay nothing.
So, it really is no win no fee.

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Legal 500Swansea Injury Lawyers is a specialist personal injury claims service brought to you by Slee Blackwell Solicitors.

We have strong connections with the Swansea, South Wales area, having represented numerous Swansea accident victims over the years.

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