Many accident claims can be concluded by an experienced personal injury solicitor without any involvement from a barrister.

However, in some cases it is necessary to involve a specialist barrister. There might for instance be a dispute over liability for the accident. Or in larger cases, arguments can occur in relation to the amount of compensation that is payable.

In these instances the personal injury solicitor will turn to a specialist barrister for a second opinion. Ultimately, if compensation cannot be negotiated the case will go to trial and the barrister will be appointed to represent the claimant at the hearing.

Advocacy is the barrister’s principal speciality and it is so important to appoint the right one to the case to maximise the prospects of success.

Over the years we have established close links with a number of Swansea barristers at local chambers who are happy to work on a no win, no fee basis like ourselves.

For a free assessment of your personal injury compensation claim and details of specialist barristers in your area contact our free legal helpline.

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