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Road Accidents in Swansea

We are highly experenced in dealing with road accidents in Swansea.

In 2018 police forces in Wales recorded 4,215 road accidents involving personal injury.The nearby eight mile stretch of the A40 between Carmarthen and St Clears is one of the most dangerous in west Wales. In total, between January 1, 2010 and August 31, 2019 , there were 359 crashes on the road. Of those, 265 involved damage to vehicles, while 94 involved injuries. 71 resulted in slight injury, 21 in serious injury, and two resulted in fatalities.

Swansea also has the highest number of motorcycle causalities in Wales.

Injuries suffered as a result of a road accident can be life changing. Even relatively minor injuries like whiplash can prevent someone from being able to work and if you’re self employed that means you are not going to be earning anything until you’re fit enough to return to work.

We understand how difficult it can be to get things back on track and so whether you’re a driver, a passenger, a motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian we have a specialist team of lawyers able to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently.

In the majority of road accident injuries we use the government’s online portal system to secure an admission of liability within just 15 days. This scheme also means that if settlement of your claim is delayed because of the need for further medical evidence you’ll be entitled to receive an interim payment of your compensation.

In addition we make sure that you get exactly what you need in terms of medical treatment. We have local Swansea medical experts on hand to see you and help with your recovery. Local experts will prepare reports and will provide treatment ranging from physiotherapy to counselling or surgery.

Overall we aim to make claiming road accident compensation as simple, quick and stress free as we can.

So. if you are looking for solicitors who are experienced in dealing with road accidents in Swansea then call us today for a FREE case assessment and details of No Win, No Fee funding.

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