Supermarket Accidents

We have an excellent track record in supermarket accidents We have an excellent track record of successfully claiming compensation from the big supermarkets on behalf of customers who have suffered injury while doing their shopping. No Win – No Fee

Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work: Your rights If you go to work and earn an honest day’s living then the view of the law is that you ought to be able to get on with that job without having to worry about

Tripping Accidents

We specialise in tripping accidents and have pursued many tripping accident claims against Swansea Council. We have prepared this general guide ton the law relating to tripping accidents. We have also provided specific information about tripping accident claims against Swansea

Road Accidents in Swansea

We are highly experenced in dealing with road accidents in Swansea. In 2018 police forces in Wales recorded 4,215 road accidents involving personal injury. The eight mile stretch of the A40 between Carmarthen and St Clears is one of the